Becoming a Succubus

As I’ve mentioned several times, a very large number of both men and women (though disproportionately MTF, as might be expected) want to become succubi rather than date them. I’m not going to speculate on their motives because it’s not my business. Instead, I’m going to present some reasons not to become a succubus. It seems to be something that people jump into without considering the consequences of such a radical change. I’m not going to get into the glamorous side of the experience because that seems generally well understood. The information I present here comes from those who have undergone the procedures outlined below or have been offered them and given extensive details. This is supplemented by reports from succubi who were willing to speak. While I’m reluctant to speak on a topic where I don’t have personal experience, I have the luxury of not being under any oaths to keep this knowledge secret. That said, I’m going to try not to get my sources in trouble. This means my sources will remain anonymous.

Let’s talk about the process of turning into a succubus. There are 3 ways I’ll explain here, which are all based on transforming the soul/energy from human’s (or whichever species) into that of a succubus. As far as I’m aware, none of these techniques require explicit consent, but in almost all cases (excluding the passive transformation) succubi won’t turn you against your will. The only blatant example of that I’m aware of was a guy who thought he’d been turned into a succubus by being bitten. While succubi are in a sense vampiric, biting doesn’t turn you into one.

Unfortunately the transformations discussed here are primarily astral and have little discernible effect on the material plane. At best you gain an intense sexual aura so strong members of both sexes stare at you with desire. Meanwhile, you’re turned on all the time too. If you were hoping for an instant vagina or elegant wings by becoming a succubus you’re out of luck. On the other hand it’s a great way to increase dysphoria. I’ve never heard of an FTM using this as a tool of repression.

The most conventional way is to be in a sexual relationship with a succubus for a long period of time. This amounts to decades at minimum and most probably several lifetimes. It’s because sexual union is an energy exchange. If this is done frequently enough and intensely enough permanent changes occur. Several bloggers in long term relationship with succubi have talked about this effect. How it affects the succubus is unknown, or intentionally omitted. Once the transformation is sufficiently progressed, the former human’s next incarnation will be as a succubus (this depends on the gender of the soul and the new incarnation, as usual). It’s a natural consequence of the relationship and a good way to be with one’s spirit wife forever. This method is quite safe and can be aborted at any time, but in exchange it’s very slow and doesn’t give those who wish to change species what they’re after.

Lilith (and with high probability Agrat, Naamah, and Eisheth too) uses a much faster method that takes a matter of years. A small piece of the future succubus’s soul is removed from its body. The fragment is then feminized and reshaped into a piece of succubus soul and returned. The process continues until the entire soul has been transmuted. The training is harsh and happens while the new daughter is still in her human body. By necessity, most of that happens at night, so instead of restful sleep the recruit spends the night working and learning in the astral. I can confirm that these nocturnal projections aren’t rejuvenating. This is experienced by other astral travelers who take regular lessons and isn’t exclusive to succubi. However, the intensity is beyond the norm and is something to be forewarned of. One succubus in training described how she needed to feed on sexual energy consistently to survive. Her meals happened during these projections.

You might be wondering about what having bits of your soul removed and replaced is like. It’s kind of like brain surgery. You can really mess things up if you’re careless because so much important stuff is stored there. And you get to be wide awake while it happens, every time it happens. So how do they feminize you? One way is to simply destroy all the masculine bits, the other is to numb them (I’m not clear on how this is done). This includes all male past lives and related traits and most certainly includes male sexual prowess. I’m told that the topping that succubi are often reported doing is an “advanced skill” entirely different from what men do. The other effects aren’t that impressive by comparison. Your subtle bodies grow tails and whatnot. You start to become more psychologically like a succubus. It’s not that shocking. The process starts with a sort of “initiation” that I’m not privy to.

For those who don’t feel comfortable having their souls finely chopped, there’s another way. The succubi who practice it consider the previous method barbaric. It’s utilized by those succubi who aren’t aligned with the four queens. I don’t want to talk about succubus politics here so I won’t elaborate other than to say that these seem to be the same sort of entity as letter method succubi and they openly don’t care about what the queens think, and may not even know who they are. If they’re fakes, they’re amazing impostors. The “independent” (my term as they don’t see themselves as unusual) succubi use this third method to increase their numbers, primarily in the case of the kinds of events that would reduce any other population. I’m told that one subgroup uses the second method I described, but they have a reputation for violent misandry. With the others, the transformation is quick and easy, though I can’t say whether it’s painless.

They use a device which knocks the patient unconscious and does its work over a couple of hours at most. Once the procedure is done, it releases the succubus who is greeted by her new sisters when she wakes up. It’s standard for energy work to be done on succubi by their sisters, especially on the kundalini, so they can be stronger. Though I’m not a succubus, I was gifted this style of empowerment. It’s somewhat risky, but when done correctly it’s painless. Soon the freshly minted succubus is ready to start training for her job. All of this usually happens on the astral level, though in one situation I know of the device was to be brought to the patient physically. Unfortunately, those who convert while occupying a physical body are still obligated to train and work in the astral, just like I described before. Succubi tend to dump the less pleasant jobs on recruits who seem lazy or careless, so be sure to ask for a detailed job description before agreeing to anything. If you care there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to find you something you’d like.

To compensate for the recruit starting as an adult (I never asked how they define that term), a donor succubus shares skills and memories which are implanted during the transformation. This is also a way to ensure that knowledge continues to the next generation. The skills of an expert who dies unexpectedly can be preserved in this manner. If the donor is still alive and functional, she can serve as a mentor to ease the transition. The pupil is expected to take over from the master then the time comes. I don’t know if there are criteria to pass on one’s experiences this way.

Now for the less pleasant part. You basically download all the donor’s succubus memories, and if she joined the same way, those include her donor’s memories too, for as far as can be imagined. This isn’t just archery and how to walk in heels. The new succubus inherits all her drama and emotions, loves, hates, vices. Everything. From what I know, the old personality is swamped by potentially centuries of experiences and little pokes through afterwards. Your energy ends up changed so that only the very astute will know the difference between the new and old succubus. I was made to understand in no uncertain terms that if your donor has enemies and they find you in her place, not only will they not realize you aren’t her, you won’t feel like telling them you aren’t her to avoid a fight. I’m uncertain whether you’d understand the difference yourself at that point. This is a great way to stop caring about your current life. I’ve heard succubi mention their family before joining in the past tense, like they aren’t related any more. It’s a great deal if you’re a child and have nothing, not so much if you have any sort of a life you want to hang on to. You have to be strong to cope.

I haven’t given any explicit arguments against becoming a succubus, but I think I’ve made a compelling case. This is a serious matter that shouldn’t be agreed to or decided on a whim (or while on unknown drugs, like one girl did). At least sleep on it. Perhaps you feel called to be a succubus. Many people consider it a privilege to become one. I believe most who make the transition are happy with what they became. I don’t want to be one and a lot of people don’t either. It’s personal. If you don’t believe what’s written here, feel free to ask a succubus. As always, don’t just trust me, do your own research before acting and be careful.

4 thoughts on “Becoming a Succubus

  1. Hi, I was intrigued by your statement about someone transmogrifying into a Succubus. What exact physical characteristics are altered. It was surreal to think a Succubus Queen can alter a male being into a woman or not? If I desired with a long thought, wanted to become a Succubus, would that request be made to your own Succubus. Do one actually alter from male to female demon. How would a male look, if such thing can be possible.


    1. In theory, the transformation would result someone becoming completely female on the physical level. A physical succubus would look like any attractive human woman. I’m not aware of any successful transformations and they seem to be attempted extremely rarely (based on my limited knowledge). And you can ask the queens directly, though I would advise against that for the reasons I laid out in the post.


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